The Vaginally Challenged Miss Brittany Lynn Don/Mother of the Drag Mafia

The Vaginally Challenged Miss Brittany Lynn
Don/Mother of the Drag Mafia

Hey kids! Thanks for checking in with the family-MY FAMILY-Philly’s DRAG MAFIA… The “first family” of Philadelphia-for all your entertaining needs…First, a little bit about me (Ian Morrison):

  • I am a trained singer, actor, and stand-up comic which are my true loves
  • I graduated from Temple University with a degree in JPRA (Journalism, Public Relations, and Advertising)
  • I am a former editorial assistant for the Philadelphia Gay News,
  • I am a former PR & Advertising Manager for Gay Live as well as a former PR Director for Manhunt, and a former PR Asst. Director for BEBASHI
  • -I spend my down time and my energy to brighten the lives of my close friends. I love to cook, I love watching crazy documentaries on anything from Quantum Physics to new discoveries on the History/Discovery Channel, and I love to take each day to learn something new about myself and the world around me.

As Brittany Lynn:

  • I am the creator and founder of Philly’s Drag Mafia
  • Titled “Hardest Working Drag Queen” by Philadelphia’s City Paper!
  • I was City Paper’s Miss August Pin-up Girl in the summer guide 2011
  • Titled “Best Drag Queen” Visions Today Magazine
  • Miss Comedianne Philadelphia two years running
  • Titled “Casinoville’s Favorite Drag Queen” by Atlantic City Weekly.
  •  Played “Dr. Frank-N-Furter” in the Philadelphia Tour of “The Rocky Horror Show” (at the infamous TLA on South Street)
  •  Played “Alice the housekeeper” in the Philadelphia Production of the “Live Brady Bunch”
  • Appeared on MTV’s TRL with the band KORN
  • My Drag Mafia was featured on “Real World Philadelphia” (the show’s season premier/season finale)
  • Played as “Sweetlips” the Gay Gangster in “Lure of the four Fingered Klaw”
  • Featured in Reel Gay Video advertisements for Gay Disney/Circuit Videos for Gay Days at Great Adventure.
  • My biggest media whore moment was being featured on Fox 29 to millions of viewers during Barbara’s Stresiand’s Last Televised Concert as Babs herself.
  • Little known fact-Brittany Lynn is my sister’s name.
  • Producer-City of Hope’s Hair Ball Events and Hope Cuts
  • Performed for political events honoring the past two Philadelphia Mayors and Governor Rendel
  • Performed for the gala opening of the Philadelphia Visitors Center
  •  Best memory was opening for my hero-Sandra Bernhard-on the opening night of her 2007 tour at Pure Nightclub!
  • Played “Daphne” in “Spooky Dog and the Teenage Mystery Gang” Allens Lane Theater 2011
  • Won “Best Drag Queen” 2011 Phila Gay News
  • Organized the first “Drag Brigade” for the Philadelphia Mummers and led the girls down Broad Street in the 2013 Mummers Day Parade
  • Featured as one of the “Top Faces of Philadelphia 2011″ Issue Philadelphia Weekly
  • Featured performer Philly Gay Pride/Outfest
  • Was given her own day, Brittany Lynn Day, March 15th, from the City Council of Philadelphia, for her work with the Philadelhia Mummers

Take a look around our site-check out our history, the family photo album, and some of our home movies-and let us know if there is any service our family can provide for you and your venue…