Underboss: Martini Madness

Underboss: Martini Madness

Eight years ago, the drag world was kicked square in the face by the debut of the indomitable Miss Martini Madness. What was supposed to be a one time drag number, has turned into a career of sarcasm, raunch, and laughter, along with a steady gig as the hostess of Lipstick Mondays at the Raven in New Hope. And once you walk through the door to the House of Madness, there truly is no turning back. She will make you laugh,she will make you think and if you’re a skinny twink, she will make you pick up her tips. Her heart is as big as her hair, but if you mess with her or her girls, she will read you to filth-right before she cuts you-after all, she does have roots in Trenton… You can find her at the Raven on the first and third Monday of every month, or in the Men’s Room of the closest truck stop on 95.


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February 1, 2017

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