Brittany Lynn: A Drag Discovery Outside New York June 2008 For The Village Voice By Michael Musto > New York is the drag capital of the world—especially when you look at some of those surgerized Upper East Side women—but there are tuckers and pluckers elsewhere around the globe too! Like in Philadelphia, where Brittany Lynn (aka 6′ 4″ Ian Morrison) kicks ass as a drag star who helps ease the pain of what’s lately been called Kill-adelphia. Last year, Brittany hosted the Mr. Gay Philadelphia pageant which I happened to judge and might just do again if the stars (and my balls) properly align. And last week, I caught her act in an wonderfully divey Atlantic City hangout called the West Side Bar & Lounge (not to be confused with our own West Side club. There, no one wears a towel and throws their legs up in the air—not till 3 a.m. anyway.) Brittany barrels out singing “Sweet Transvestite”—yes, really singing—and proceeds to emit a steady stream of verbiage about all the important high-toned topics like uncut dicks and head cheese. Backed by two cutely awkward gogo pubes, she then lipsynchs your favorite TV Land jingles and commercials, and ends by chasing a black girl around the room while mouthing the inevitable Dreamgirls ballad. Unlike other drag queens who fall apart between songs, this one can keep up the energy and the sass. Let’s all chip in and bring her to Gotham for a month!