Hey kids!
For my 20th anniversary of performing as Brittany Lynn, I’m releasing my first parody video, “Pull Out It Hurts”-a video dedicated to the “non-verse” gays who just “don’t play around back”.
I poke some fun at the use of the Grindr App, Chiptole, and the powerful anthem “Take Me to Church”.
This song and video are being used as comic relief and in parody form, and mean no disrepect to Hozier or his amazing track. When I first saw the video to “Take Me to Church” it struck a cord in me-as a gay man who has fought against bigotry and hatred my whole life.
I wanted to pay homage to the song and it’s powerful message the only way I know how-through comedy, and by creating something with my group of friends that we can use to make light of ourselves, and just put out a video that will hopefully bring some laughs to our community that always needs a reason to smile. So our video parodies the look and feel of the original video, but with our own twist and commentary on today’s gay, dating scene.As always, I scream my way through most of the song haha…
Hope you all like it-more will be coming!
Huge thanks to Jon Carmine for the filming and production work, to Carl Michaels for the music production, Kevin Lutz for his piano skills, to Henry Brinton and the Venture Inn for allowing us to shoot this during their last days of operation, and to all my friends that appear in my first video project: My “Poundr”s-Billy Cavallo, Zach Ryan, and Eric Groff-and to my “extras”: Tommy Hair, Mistress M, Dusty Relix, Sasha Magnolia, Jared Ben, David Cade, Michael Duffy, Taylor Dame, and Jeremy Lecouer.