Stage Name: AIRA
Pronouns: She/He/They

She may be a newer queen on the scene, but this lady sure has captured everyone’s attention and hearts. With a performance style that comes off as “robotic yet fluid”, Aira literally floats through today’s bops with a style all her own.
Aira first appeared about two years ago, at a show in Long Island. “I WAS A MESS,” she said in all caps. Her first performance was “Invisible” by Annie.
Aira’s style separates herself from this newer crop of dancing gals. “It’s my intensity in performance and high fashion gender-bending” Aira said. “I let drag express the parts of myself that only I am. I use drag as an art piece to express my spirit.”
Aira proudly tells us that her drag allowed her to support herself through her art. She is also very proud that her performances have prompted such things as “kids and young queers from all over the world reach out to me on Instagram, letting me know that I’ve inspired them. It’s so powerful to see people come together with the art of drag as a connecting force.” she added. And while she was doing drag full time prior to the pandemic, now she is a US Partner of Sales and Concepts for a fashion group based in Brazil.” I help people get started with their concept and budget for a costume, then send it off to the studio for the final design and pricing. Kind of the middle WOMAN between them” Aira said.
Aira’s biggest influence is her mother. ”My mom is my biggest influence. She’s so resilient and always uplifts everyone around her, even at the cost of sacrificing herself in the process. I admire that more than anything.” Aira said. “Thinking of her gives me the strength to get through anything that comes my way.” Aira truly carries herself in the same fashion, always sporting a big smile, showering those around her with compliments, and lends a helping hand to any queen performing by her side. If she had to pick another queen that has had an influence on her, Aira simply said, “it’d be Raven lol.”
To date, Aira’s best gig was a performance at World Pride in Times Square for the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, due to her affiliation with ExecEvents. “It was a historic and breathtaking night. There was so much love in the air.” Aira said. When asked where she regularly performs, Aira said, “I’m all over the place! Wherever there’s money, I’m there. She’s a ho.” (*Editor’s note: It’s a good thing she’s with the “the family”-we make that money hunny!)
Aira’s goals are pure at heart-she just wants to “keep inspiring people that don’t fit into these boxes the world tries to put us all in. I want to share what my spirit has to offer. I wanna continue to travel all over to perform and showcase what I do. Producing my own shows down the road would be beautiful to give other artists opportunities. Drag race is cute, but is nowhere near why
I do drag or the main goal.” For being such a young queen (23), Aira surely proves herself to be one of most mature queens in the scene.
While Aira comes across as “mysterious and severe” (her words), we can all agree that out of drag, Aira is the total opposite. In boy form, Nick (Aira) is the human personification of sunshine-warm, glowing, and literally a breath of fresh Air(a)…Nick can enter a room and make you feel relaxed and at ease. ” I’m always smiling and laughing being a dork.” Nick said. He also calls Aira “hypnotic, charming, and robotic.”
Aira’s favorite thing about the performance life is “feeling that adrenaline rush with hearing people screaming, and seeing the trance they can go into watching me twitch around (they might just be seeing if I’m okay). Lol…” And while you would never know it, Aira still gets nervous during performances. “Baby I am always nervous as hell-no matter what the gig or what the crowd is like. It just means I care a lot about what I do. That’s what I tell myself anyways.” And that, kids, is the true sign of a real performer. During one embarrassing show moment, Aira’s shoe strap broke, “but I just worked the floor and kept going. There was little to one way I could’ve gotten back up on the eight inch hooker heels.” she said.
When asked if she has won any awards or titles, Aira tells us “I’ve won the award of being THAT GURL by me for me voted by me.” (And we second that notion!)
Not surprising, Aira’s hobbies are makeup, designing, dancing, and now styling hair. She proudly showed off both talents at the premier brunch at Cockatoo-wearing her new designs and a coiff she proudly created herself. Any remaining time is spent rewatching all of Schitts Creek.
While Aira was surely seen on the reg at bookings all over the city (and beyond) before the pandemic, she admits that this crisis has pushed back a lot of opportunities that were set to take her further in 2020. But just wait, because 2021 is all about this diva. So keep your eye on her-the professionalism, the look, and the talents she serves her fans are going to take her further than anyone could have ever predicted after seeing her in that first show in Long Island. And we cannot wait to watch her explode onto stages everywhere-this beautiful lady deserves all that’s coming to her, and more.

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