Stage Name: Dusty Rose
Pronouns: She/Her

She is style, she is grace, she’s also sobriety drag’s face. She is our beloved Dusty Rose. And I dare you to find a more charming, and wholesome queen in the Philly scene!
Dusty has been performing for two and half years. Her first performance was competing in the Philadelphia Miss Sobriety pageant. “True to my hairstylist roots, I “styled” hair live on stage to Britney Spears Werk B*tch.” Dusty said.
Dusty says she loves to engage her audience, whether she is singing live or, in her words, “Being playful, flirtatious and humorous. Ultimately, she just likes to have fun!” Yes ma’am, Dusty is one of the live singing queens, which definitely helps set her apart from most queens.
Dusty’s drag roots came out of her sobriety. “I use that message of perseverance to fuel all that I do. I feel like Dusty tries to show how beauty can come from some of the darkest places and she tries to reflect that in all she does.” Dusty added that her proudest moments in her work are, “performing in events for the sober community and allies, in-person and virtually, including a Sober Drag Brunch with one of my idols, Miss Brittany Lynn.”
Dusty is one of the rare queens that gets up in the morning and works a muggle job, although it ties into her drag life. Dusty spends her day slaying hair as a stylist. She has worked in salons most of her life, and she is currently an Administrative Assistant at Tranquility Salon and Spa-one of the top salons in South Jersey.
Dusty finds her inspiration from all of the performers that she has worked with since her beginning. “Especially my fiance, Anthony (aka drag performer Mya Diction), my best friend Danielle, and my good Drag Judys Honey Dizaster, Dominique Lee, and Morgan Morgan Morgan. I also draw inspiration from Barbie, Jem, Kesha, and many other places.” Dusty said.
Dusty’s favorite gig to date has been singing a live tribute to her best friend, Danielle, during the “Queen of the Night” amatuer drag competition, at the historic Bob & Barbara’s. As Dusty does not have a regular performance spot, she likes to float around various venues, calling herself a “social butterfly”.
Dusty’s main goals are to venture out into the community, “to continue spreading positivity”, and she stated that she is extremely interested in Drag Queen Storytime opportunities, community outreach for the LGBTQIA+ community, and would love to have a standing sober event where people could feel comfortable, enjoy mocktails, and be entertained.
She describes herself as “classy, sassy, and Sweet.” And admits, that while onstage, Dusty might be a tad more sassy and outgoing. Offstage, she feels like she is “always the same person on the inside no matter what my outside looks like.” Her favorite thing about performing
Is just seeing people smiling and enjoying themselves. And her only worry about performing is “the very real possibility that my wig may fall off at any moment lol.” Although that has not happened…yet, her first performance had some issues. “My first dress was held together by zippers up each side, which fell apart as soon as I stepped on stage. I tried to cover my body as best as I could with the hanging loose fabric and completed the number because the show must go on!”
Right now, while most of us are at home living the pandemic lifestyle of 2020, Dusty just enjoys “living a healthy life physically and spiritually, so I participate in activities like going to the gym, meditation, and spending time outdoors when I can.” And she loves to cook! Her favorite show to binge right now is Hoarders. “The pandemic has kind of put a strain on my ability to progress forward in my performance life for obvious reasons, but it actually afforded me some time to actually sit down and work on my makeup and hair skills during lockdown, so for that, I am thankful.”
And we are, of course, thankful to have found Dusty and to have her in “the family”.

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You can see Dusty Rose with a whole gaggle of gay perfomers in “Happy, Joyous, and Fabulous” at 7pm, December 20th, on Zoom. Hosted by Honey Dizaster.