Greg Wilson, once known as the face of the of House of Soul events, has switched things up in 2021. Now rebranding and evolving with a new vibe as GStyle, Greg and his team have launched new, weekly events at Jocks Phl-giving the gayborhood a much needed lineup of dance events on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. In typical form, GStyle’s musically charged dance nights welcome all communities, with various themes to keep the party going all through the night. While we may have “lost” some dance floors in the Gayborhood – whether they now are dedicated show venues, or have become overrun with screaming bachalorettes – GStyle is dedicated to gifting us with the music we want, the dancefloor we need, and the soul to bring back what once was the “gay, dance party”.

Tell us the origin of your event creations. I had met you when you were doing House of Soul and Black Pride when I was the events manager at the old Tabu, and now you are blowing things up under yuour new brand as Gstyle.

I created GStyle Productions in 2009 when Dj Paulie Paul asked me to collaborate with him on a House Music Dance Party Night at a Restaurant & Lounge on Baltimore Ave. in Southwest Philadelphia where I was bartending. The second floor was not being utilized. I asked the owner about using the space and House Of Soul was born. DJ Paulie Paul spun Classic House, Deep Soulful, Tribal, Beats& Lyrics, and Disco. Over the years House Of Soul have taken up residence at Tabu Lounge, Fluid Nightclub and The Institute Bar.

In 2016 I revised GStyle Productions’ mission. GStyle Productions specializes in assisting bars & clubs with increasing revenue and expanding their demographic by creating, planning, implementing & promoting parties and events specifically in the LGBTQ+ Community. When GStyle Productions creates an event for a Bar or Beer/Liquor Company, GStyle Productions requires the companies to donate a portion of the proceeds to nonprofit organizations that benefit the LGBTQ+ community in Philadelphia.

That’s definitely what’s up and much needed for 2021-it’s rare to see Promoters that give back to the community in the way that you do, and have always done. Tell me about your partnership with Jocks PHL and your new successes with that space.
My first client was Boxers (PHL) where I created a first and third Friday party, named ClymaXXX and CARIBE respectively. These 2 events produced an increase in monthly revenue. Boxers (PHL) also saw an increase in African American and Latino patronage on a daily basis that was attributed to the creation of the parties that was created by GStyle Productions.
When the Owners of Jocks purchased Boxers in 2020 they asked me to join the Jocks Events Team. My directive is to continue to create innovative nightlife parties and events for the establishment.

And you are doing it-your events bring a fresh vibe, but also brings back the old school feels from back in the day at your-and it’s wonderful to see such a great mix of people-young and older, and from all walks of life. So 2020 was crazy for nightlife, how did you stay busy during the pandemic and how does it feel to now be back in the spotlight?

Once the pandemic hit and Covid-19 protocols were put into place including social distancing and entertainment restrictions, I had to re-assess, re-focus and think outside of the box.

When the city permitted outside seating I started the Open-Air Seduction Saturday Dinner Shows which featured dinner and local drag performances, games and give-aways, that were done outside, in front of the establishment. Once the weather became too cold we moved Seduction Saturdays inside and I added live performances. We had to discontinue the Seduction Saturday Dinner Shows in December 2020 when the City shut down due to the 2nd wave of Covid-19.

As the City begins to re-open, we have now begun VIBE Weekends that will eventually be Thursday thru Sunday Night. Each Night is geared toward a different style of music. LIVE Djs will be spinning Latin, House Music, Hip-Hop and R&B and The Classics (Music From the 80s, 90s and Early 2000s). There are food and drink specials, games and give-aways and plenty of surprises. The Djs are Dame Luz, Paulie Paul, Papo and Tony White.

The Friday and Saturday VIBE Nights kicked off on March 5th and 6th with Dj Paulie Paul spinning House Music on Friday Nights and Dj Papo spins Hip-Hop and R&B on Saturday Nights. The Thursday and Sunday night VIBE will be added in the coming weeks.

Once the City fully opens, Jocks will be bringing back ClymaXXX, the gayborhoods most popular first Friday Night Party and CARIBE on the third Friday Night. I have created a new party called Xstasy-Passion-Pain that will begin once restrictions are lifted. This party will be Fire!

What are your future goals for Gstyle and what is the message you like to send out to your patrons for your events?
GStyle Productions is always looking at ways to improve upon existing parties and events while creating new parties and events for future clients.
My goals within the next few years is to connect with Bar/Club owners and collaborate with like-minded individuals in order to expand GStyle Productions into other cities and states where my services are needed.

I will say this, with so much negativity that 2020 has brought, walking into any GStyle event and just being near Greg and his team is almost like a cleansing for the soul-you instantly feel like you are hit with a wave of good and cheerful vibes unlike any other place in the gay hood-so don’t miss out on the party HUNNY-follow Greg and his team here:

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