Qween : Dominique Lee

Dominique Lee is known to SOME as “Philadelphia’s oldest living Drag Queen in Captivity”, but to others she’s…not known at all. So when the opportunity arose for her to join an organization with performers OLDER then her, she jumped at the chance!

This Dynamic, Campy, Comedy Queen has got what it takes to make you laugh AND keep you entertained.

Dominique Lee a.k.a. “The Geriatric Gem” is one of the few married Queens in the scene today. Her Amazing Husband is known affectionately in the community as “#poorTodd”, and is often spotted not just supporting D.L. but also takes an active roll behind the scenes for any performer that needs him. After all you know what they say “The family that Drags together stays together!”

Speaking of Family, Dominique Lee is THRILLED to be part of a group like “Drag Mafia” that does SO many things for our community. From “Drag Queen Storytime” to sponsoring independently run peaceful demonstrations. Helping to unite our beautiful and diverse community!

The Drag Mafia is the family that cares just like “The Drag O.G.” (old gay) Dominique Lee!!!


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May 11, 2013

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